Meet Luke: The Visionary of Morisset’s First Craft Brewery

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Meet Luke Willis, the visionary founder behind Lake Mac Brewing Company, Morisset’s first craft brewery. Established in 2020, Lake Mac Brewing has quickly become a beloved spot in the community, where exceptional craft beer and vibrant social interactions thrive.

How Lake Mac Brewing Became Morisset’s First Craft Brewery

Behind Morisset's First Craft Brewery: A Passionate Brewer’s Journey

Meet Luke, our dedicated owner and head brewer, who has passionately crafted beer for nearly 20 years. From starting with a humble homebrew kit, he has grown into the bustling Lake Mac Brewing Company you see today. Our journey began in February 2019, when Luke set his sights on bringing quality beer and a unique brewery experience to Morisset. We officially opened in October 2020, as the first of its kind in the area. Lake Mac Brewing embodies Luke’s unwavering commitment to producing top-tier beer using the finest ingredients and techniques.

Crafting Quality with Care

At Lake Mac Brewing Co., each pint reflects our dedication to quality. We source grains both locally and from the lush fields of New Zealand, creating a robust flavor foundation. Additionally, our handpicked hops come from world-renowned regions like Europe, the United States, and Australia, ensuring diverse and rich tastes in every brew. Furthermore, Luke’s innovative approach relies on naturally sourced products to achieve beer clarity without filters, keeping our brews pure and flavorful.

Creating a Community Hub

Since moving to Morisset in 2017, Luke envisioned creating a welcoming venue where the community could gather and connect. More than just a place to enjoy great beer, Lake Mac Brewing Co. is a space designed for socializing without distractions. Picture yourself relaxing at one of our unique tables crafted from repurposed cable drums, soaking in the warm, rustic ambiance enhanced by upcycled metal roof sheeting around the bar. This nostalgic setting perfectly aligns with Luke’s vision of offering a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Luke’s brewing philosophy is both simple and profound: do it right the first time. With our 10HL brewing system equipped with cutting-edge technology, we ensure efficiency and consistency. Consequently, this advanced setup allows us to maintain the highest quality in every batch of beer, a standard we uphold without compromise.

Join Us at Lake Mac Brewing Co.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or new to the craft beer scene, Lake Mac Brewing Company warmly welcomes you. As Morisset’s first craft brewery, we proudly serve as a cornerstone of the community, offering not just exceptional beers but also a place where memories are made. Visit us and experience the unique charm and outstanding brews that have made Lake Mac Brewing a local favorite. Moreover, dive deeper into our story and learn more about Luke’s dedication and vision by reading more of “Behind Morisset’s First Craft Brewery: Meet Luke Willis” here.

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